My son brought me a morning cup of coffee and a glazed doughnut for breakfast. Not only was it tasty, but he is such a sweet and caring person. I'm lucky to be his mom.
My puppy. She looks like she's wrestling with a major hangover, but she's the best :)
I've devoted a lot of time to writing today, and the ending is in sight. I'm ready for it...
I enjoyed playing with glitter paint and glue and stickers. I made bookmarks, and am proud of them, even if they look a little goofy. :)


My son gave me these flowers today, along with a heart-shaped box of chocolates. I love flowers...They always brighten my day. And my son is awesome.

I was okay today. I was okay. Up, down, up, down. Such is life.
Some days I can't make myself look for a good thing. So I don't. But on those days when I can, I do. That's today's good thing. I'm still able to believe in good things. I still care, I still hope.
I actually just brought in my weighted hula hoop, to get a little exercise. Also, the thing on my cheek is going away.
Yesterday I didn't manage a Good Thing because I couldn't climb out of the Pit of Despair. Today I found the strength to claw my way out. My fingernails are ragged and bloody, but I'm out. For now. And that's a very Good Thing.
The clouds were so big and fluffy. It snowed last night and this morning the ground was covered. It did not rain. For that I'm always thankful, when it's Winter. Rain is fine in the Summer, but in Winter? No. Just, no.