Today was pretty productive, as far as work. I did have a few forms to fill out for my publisher. Because I delayed doing those until the last minute, it took me half the night to get them finished and sent off. That'll teach me. Not really.

I connected with an old friend today on Facebook, so that was nice. I dated him eleven years ago. Wow. Eleven years. Sometimes I can't believe how quickly time passes.

Besides writing and getting through those forms, I knitted a drawstring bag, watched a movie, ate some very creamy, very cold, very delicious vanilla ice cream, cleaned the kitchen, fed the fish, took the dog out, and read a little of Stephen King's Under the Dome. I also worked out with my weight hoop. And talked on the phone, messenger, and email. That's the short version of today.

I was just thinking how, when I was a child, I said things like 'slicky' for slick, and 'I know it' instead of 'I know'. These things jump into my mind at the oddest times and for no apparent reason. But they make me smile.

The trial is in a few days. I so dread it. Three weeks of hell, sitting there in that courtroom looking at The Monster, listening to terrible things. But I want to go, to show support for my dead brother and his family. It's the right thing to do.

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