Today was amazing, weather-wise. It was just beautiful. Sunshine and warmth, a slight breeze carrying the scents of Spring...

Even when clouds covered the sun and I thought it might rain, it was still wonderful. A perfect day for yard work, so that's just what I did. I was outdoors nearly all day, planting rosebushes, placing, edging, cleaning, digging, and wearing myself out.

The physical labor on such a gorgeous day felt great. I broke for lunch, having a sandwich, salad, fruit, and coke. I went back out afterward to do some more work, and to watch my dog run around the yard until she finally flopped over with her tongue out from sheer exhaustion. We both had a good day.

Okay. The first part of the trial is over, with my brother and his family's murderer found guilty. I can't tell you the relief at hearing that first 'guilty' verdict. I spent a lot of time at that courthouse, up at dawn and back home late at night, waiting, waiting, and more waiting.

It was scary. Sitting there when the jury finally reached a decision, with my eyes clenched shut, holding the hand of the person next to me, and holding my breath, as well.

Then, I heard the word 'guilty' on the first charge, and knew that in the many charges to follow, guilty would be the verdict.

Now we must go through the penalty phase, where life or death is decided. That will be no picnic either, but at least we are drawing closer to the end of this thing, and some closure, if that is even possible.

I'll blog the results when the sentencing part of the trial is over.

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