I'm sitting on my bed in my pajamas, with my dog. She's funny, lying on her back in a position that looks like it would have to, if not break, at least strain parts of her body. But she sleeps calmly on, like she's totally comfy. I guess she must be.

I have a cup of hot coffee, and a bottle of water. I always drink water with my coffee. Maybe that's strange, but it's what I do. Nearly four o'clock pm and I haven't eaten anything. Now I'm thinking of what to eat. Breakfast food sounds good. Nothing major, just an egg and some toast, maybe. Or pancakes. How much better it'd taste if I didn't have to actually go make it!

I've been surfing for blogs to read, as I'm watching Sleepless in Seattle on my bedroom TV. I've found several that are interesting, and I'll put them on my links page.

After I eat, I'm going to think about something new to make. I've been knitting a lot of drawstring bags, but I have an idea about something else. If I start making them-and this involves fabric and sewing on my new little sewing machine which I have yet to so much as turn on-I'll blog about it. Maybe post a picture or two.

I'm determined that today will be better. Yesterday exhausted me; I cried all day. Today, I will be better.

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