Snow! More snow...and wind. This is a heck of a Winter. I was going to take more pictures, but didn't see the sense. It's all white and the trees are bare. I did throw out some bread crumbs for the birds, earlier.

I'm watching figure skating and finishing up an ms. So close to the end, so close to cleaning it up and sending it in. That's always a great feeling. It means I'll be starting something new soon. I haven't found many feelings as good as starting to write a new story.

I made pancakes for breakfast; banana and blueberry ones covered with powdered sugar and maple syrup. It was national pancake day, after all. :)

Last night I cut pieces of posterboard and painted a picture on each one. On one was a barn, on another an owl, on another a big silver moon. I'm going to paint a large black posterboard with other things, such as trees and stars in the sky, then glue the smaller paintings on the large one. I'm not sure why I did it that way, but it was what I wanted to do at the moment. I'm going to give it to my niece for her bedroom when it's finished. She wanted me to paint something for her. Right now I need to finish the book, but I may finish the painting tonight when I'm finished writing. If I do, or when I do, I'll take a photo and post it here.

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