I spent a lot of today shopping. I felt unsettled, sad. I kept seeing things she would have loved, and wanted to buy things for her. But after awhile I got my head a little clearer and decided I'd buy my sister some snacks, books, and writing/drawing materials.

I bought her a couple of heavy cloth totes and chips, popcorn, cookies, candy, stuff like that, as well as notebooks, colored pencils, markers, crayons, drawing pad, etc. She's had a hard time of things and it makes me feel better to make someone else feel better.

My ex-husband is in my dining room right now installing a CD/Radio/Light unit under one of the shelves. I don't listen to CDs anymore, really, because I have my iPod and computers, but I like it. And someone else might listen to CDs in it.

I have a little TV/DVD combo in my kitchen, so when I'm cooking I can watch, or at least listen, to TV. If I'm going to be cooking or baking most of the day, like with Thanksgiving or Christmas, I'll usually put a movie in. A Christmas Story or Harry Potter or something like that.

Of course I had to go down the yarn isle, and picked up more yarn. And more knitting needles, and some ribbon and beads. Really, it seems like I was gone for so long I surely got more stuff, but that's about it. Well, I did get some food, and the goodies for my sister. And I bought myself a watch, one of those huge silver ones with the expanding bands. It is too big for my wrist. Way too big.

After I write this, I'm going to google support groups for parents with kids who have CP. Or those who have lost kids with CP. I think it would help. It couldn't hurt, could it?

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