We didn't get the snow yet, but it's supposed to come in this evening. I covered my bike a little late. The poor thing has been rained on so much that it's beginning to rust.

I've checked off quite a few things on my list today, and it's funny how much better that makes me feel. Like I've accomplished things that need to be done, and it's more manageable when I'm seeing it all written out in black and white.

My son, who, by the way, is a completely awesome boy, went off to get us a little propane camp stove and propane heater, so we'll have coffee and heat if the power goes out. We've spent many a miserable, dark, cold day and night in the winter without power. Isn't it an amazing feeling with the lights come back on?

My iPod Touch, Nintendo DS, PSP, Netbook, and cell phone are all charged up and ready to go should I lose power. A lighter, plain candles, batteries, and flashlights are all in a ziplock in a drawer, ready for easy access. Four gallons of water are in the pantry. I have crackers and cakes and chips and canned food. I'm ready for Ms. Snowstorm, should she show her icy, vengeful  face.

Edits have been sent for my editor to look at over the weekend, and we're still on track for an April release, even though I've been so out of it. I've contacted another publisher about a fantasy I'd like to submit to them, and am still waiting for a reply.

I finished my mom's laundry, ate some veggies, paid some bills. I've started a washcloth, ignored the TV, fed the fish, and took the dog out. It's five pm and I've accomplished some stuff today. It's good.


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