I got to see the cover today for my new book, which will be out in April. It's awesome, but I always think that about my covers :)

It appears that this trial is not going to last as long as we first though. I have gotten used to sitting in that court room, but by the middle of next week it should be over. I am so afraid that somehow, the jury will feel they don't have enough proof for a conviction. I'm afraid. I so hope they bring back a guilty verdict.

And through it all, thoughts of my baby are there, front and center. When I got a headache, she'd always put her arms around me and play with my hair. She was just such a gift. I miss her so much.

I'm behind on edits, because of spending so much time at the trial. We go back on Monday, so tomorrow I'll clean house and get all the edits finished. I hope.

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