I've become obsessed with knitting small drawstring bags. Over and over, whenever I'm sitting here watching TV or a movie, I knit them. I put beads on them as well. Washcloths are a close second. :)

Today was a good day, as much as I could have a good day not even two months after losing my little sweetie. This kind of day gives me hope. I will be okay. And I will see her again. I can't wait. But in the meantime, I'll be okay.

I'm watching the match between Henin and Zheng. I don't think Henin will have too much trouble, but I could be wrong. A few minutes ago, Serena Williams was having a much harder time of it.

I may be painting this weekend, the living room walls, and maybe my bedroom. Debating on having hardwood floors  put in the kitchen. I've been doing little things to change the house, nothing major.

My son bought me the second season of Nip Tuck today. I watched the first season on DVD and liked it. Also loving Dexter and TrueBlood. I'm not watching Lost when it comes on next month; I'm going to wait for it to come out on DVD. I have patience. I'd much rather watch it straight out on DVD than have to watch it from week to week. That's how I am with most of my favorite shows.

Back to knitting and watching tennis.

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