Today was a better day than the last two, thank God. I think I might have been too mentally exhausted to keep up the intensity.

Panic Room in on the TV, and I'm thinking of putting a pizza in the oven. I love pizza, from cheese pizza to pizza with pretty much everything. My mom used to make homemade pizza, she made the crust from scratch, piled it full of a little bit of everything, and it was really, really good. I've never tasted another pizza like the ones she used to make.

I'm happy that I did some edits today. They wanted me to do a few things, nothing major, really, but lately it has all seemed major. The ending was too abrupt, so I'm adding to that. If I could make myself stick with the edits every day, I'd have it finished this week.

I'm going to put that pizza in the oven. Then maybe I'll be back. Or maybe I'll just go do some more edits, which is what I should do.

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