I have some family coming down tomorrow. We're going to paint some walls in my house. Living room, maybe dining room. I'm not sure yet. Probably some shelves...

I have to get some sleep or I'm going to be hard pressed to pick up a paint brush!

I cleaned house today, thoroughly, and didn't write anything. I have some time, as I just finished one book and have three more currently being decided upon. Still, I don't want to go for very long without starting that new book.

The news is starting to heat up with talk of the impending murder trial. Jury selection has begun. I saw The Monster on the news tonight and it's difficult not to toss the TV through the window. It's a terrible feeling, that helplessness, knowing there's not one thing you can do but hope for justice. But nothing will ever make it right, and there's not enough justice in the world that can possibly make a murderer suffer as much as the people whose lives he or she destroyed.

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