A guy asked me today, are you single? I am single. But...I seem to like it that way. Before, I used my daughter for an excuse. Yes, I'm single, but all my time and energy is dedicated to my daughter. And it was. But now, I still seem to have no desire for a relationship or drama or having to change my schedule or pajamas for a guy who wants to come over for the evening when all I want to do is sit in my comfy old clothes and write.

I think I'm 'set in my ways'. Ugh.

Today the weather was spectacular. After months of dark cold, snow, ice, and rain, today's sunshine and warmth was amazing. I want more of that.

After another coat of paint on the wall, the painting is finished. I still have to get everything back in its place. I took a photo, but when I have everything back the way it should be, I'll take another.
Partial view of the painted wall. I'll take more when I have the furniture back in place.
I was sitting at Wendy's when I spotted this trailer. I wanted to peek inside but refrained.
Today, Spring was in the air.

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